Karachi Electric Supply Company energy conservation awareness activity held at Aga Khan Gymkhana

Karachi Electric Supply Company in line with its ongoing mass awareness drive organized an activity in collaboration with the Aga Khan community at Aga Khan Gymkhana, Football Ground (Garden). The purpose of the fair was to highlight the importance of energy conservation in the eyes of Karachiites.

The theme of the event was “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” where Dr. Ghaffar Billoo was the chief guest. The health fair targeted families from all over Karachi, with approximately 8,000 to 10,000 people present. The wider perspective of the Energy Conservation health fair was to create awareness about the hazards of carbon emissions and affects of global warming. Furthermore, the event propagated reducing environmental hazards harming the health of human beings.

Present at the event, Asif Hussain Siddiqui, Director Energy Conservation, KESC said, “KESC has provided the people with an insight to the purpose and theme behind this initiative, motivating them on how to curtail the usage and minimize the wastage of energy in our surroundings. It is wonderful to see that the majority of the consumers have appreciated the new face of KESC and supported the noble cause.”

The Energy Conservation Team of KESC was able to attract more than 1000 consumers towards its stall and imparted energy conservation knowledge onto them. The team demonstrated different methods to conserve energy and communicated several practices which |…|

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