20 Social Welfare Associations Join !

RAWALPINDI: Some 20 social and welfare organisations have announced to join the “Pukaar Alliance” working under the aegis of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKRF) to help alleviate the sufferings of more than three million IDPs in the NWFP.  The announcement came in a programme arranged by the MKRF where these organisations expressed pledges to do their best to lessen the difficulties of the internally migrated Pakistanis.

It was also decided that all these organisations would keep close contact among them and exchange their experiences to improve the relief activities. These organisations include Aga Khan Foundation, Children Global Network, Fresh Water Network, Inter News Pakistan, Khwiando Kor, Muslim Hands, NARC, Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation, Oxfam, Patan, Plan Pakistan, Potohar Organisation Development Advocacy, SOP, Swabi Women Welfare, NRSP, World Population Foundation, Civil Societies Islamabad, Sangi and others.

Earlier, Nadeem Iqbal, Executive Director MKRF, highlighted the aims and objectives of the Pukaar Alliance. He said the IDPs were our brethren and their care was our basic responsibility. He said the patronage and support to such people was impossible for any single organisation so we have invited all other social welfare organisations on the Pukaar platform to join hands in relief activities.

He said that many business organisations, industrial units and personalities, while contacting the MKRF, have assured their complete financial support and for providing relief goods for the purpose. Nadeem Iqbal said the MKRF would take benefits of the expertise of other organisations as it wanted to coordinate the sources and experiences in this regard. He proposed that a common website would be launched and a conference of representatives of donors and other social organisations would be convened to decide the line of action to support the Malakand victims.

Fayyaz Baqir, a social leader, also stressed the need for an effective network to help the two to three million IDPs. He urged the need for both short-term and long-term planning and said after the exchange of mutual information and experiences they would be able to provide better service to the IDPs. Dr Ihsan of the Aga Khan Foundation offered his Foundation’s full cooperation in the health sector while Mubashar Akram, Adviser to the Canadian Embassy, also announced complete cooperation in the relief activities to be done at the Pukaar Alliance platform.

Syed Zia Noor of the Muslim Hands expressed concern over health and educational loss of children at the relief camps. Mehnaz Akbar Aziz of the Children Global Network proposed to involve cooperative departments in the relief activities. Javid Akhtar of the Swabi Women Welfare pointed out the need to register the victims and arrange their record. Sheikh Asad of Sangi, Dr Iftikhar of NARC, Ali Asghar Khan of the Omar Asghar Khan Foundation, Naila Zahi of the Civil Societies, Fauzia Minalla and representatives of some other organisations also addressed on the occasion.

Source: The News


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