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HealtH: Stopping to smell the lemons can help reduce stress

Stopping to smell the roses is a good mantra to encourage you to take the time to appreciate what’s around you. Stopping to smell the lemons might not have the same ring to it, but scientists in Japan have shown … Continue reading

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Biodiesel goes to the birds

Scientists in Nevada have found a new and environmentally friendly source of biodiesel – “chicken feather meal”, a delightful material that consists of chicken feathers, blood, and innards made from the 11 billion pounds of poultry industry waste that accumulates annually … Continue reading

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Scientists stick with silicon to extend Moore’s Law

Scientists at Rice University and North Carolina State University have found a method of attaching molecules to semiconducting silicon that may help manufacturers reach past the current limits of Moore’s Law as microprocessors become smaller and more powerful. Moore’s Law, … Continue reading

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HealtH: “Trojan Horse” Used to Terminate Cancer Cells

Scientists have long been looking for a better way to fight the battle of cancer, rather than the traditional radiation and chemotherapy treatments, both of which damage healthy cells instead of just the cancerous ones. Now, they might have found … Continue reading

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BoOk:Revisiting Jinnah’s legacy

Book review: Revisiting Jinnah’s legacy by Ashfak Bokhari  There has never been so great a need to revisit Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s legacy as now, under the changed circumstances, to renew our resolve to adhere to his ideals, his principles and … Continue reading

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