IIS Scholar Investigates Perceptions of Youth in Northern Pakistan

Dr%20Najam%20Abbas_Small-20091026174956_7055Dr Najam Abbas recently investigated Pakistani youth’s contribution to social transformation in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. During his month long fieldwork, Dr Abbas used questionnaires and focus groups to ask young people a series of questions, including whether they perceive themselves and those around them as happy, successful, optimistic or content. He contextualised these responses through interviews with local intellectuals, including educators, artists and writers.

The study analyses primary data, shedding light on young people’s perceptions of the nature of their own society. It attempts to unpack the relations between different social sectors, identifying the limitations and opportunities faced by youth from the mountainous Northern Areas. Dr Abbas is seeking to establish what empowers youth in this challenging setting so as to suggest measures for effective youth development in that society.
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