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by Mairas

Cholistan Desert is situated 30 km from Bahawalpur City. It is spread over an area of 16,000 square kilometers. Its history can be traced back to 1200 BC. The Hakra Valley in Cholistan has 300 sites of Indus Valley Civilization. The Hakra River was the main source of life and signs of agriculture till 600 BC were found here. Most probably the river dried transforming the area into a desert. The locals of Cholistan are nomadic herders. They still live in huts made of mud and straw.

Cholistan is a land of forts. There are around 400 forts which actually guarded the routes of caravans. Some other forts are Derawar, Vingrot, Wilhar, Marcot and others.

Every year the Cholistan Jeep Rally is held in the Cholistan desert. Many adventurous drivers drive their four wheelers through the desert sands. The end of the rally is marked by a folk Mela, spectacular fire works wrestling competitions, Horse and Cattle Show and an exhibition of Cholistan Handicrafts.

The Cholistan Desert Safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many tour operators arrange for safaris through Cholistan Deserts. They are real fun. Mounted on a camel you can have a tour of the ancient forts, nomadic villages, shrines of the saints and at night you can dance and sing along with the locals or rest by the camp fire under the starry sky. The best time to visit Cholistan is from March to October.

Source: Pakistan 360 degree

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