1000 years history of Muslim civilization in the Gropius Building

1000 Jahre muslimische Kulturgeschichte im Gropius-Bau – Der Schatz des Aga Khan
English: 1000 years history of Muslim civilization in the Gropius Building – The treasure of the Aga Khan

Picture & Data share from: Bid.De

From 17 March are seen in the Martin-Gropius-Bau 200 exhibits from 1000 years of Muslim cultural history: paintings, metal containers, ceramics, jewelry, glass and ivory. The Aga Khan – the U.S. magazine Vanity Fair chose him among the 65 most important people in the world.

He is the 49th Leader of 20 million Ismaili Muslims around the world live. For the followers of the Islamic-Shiite faith community is a sacred duty to their Imam to pay five percent of annual income. The money funded the ruler of health, educational and cultural institutions. In Toronto (Canada) Prince just letting “the Aga Khan Museum building. There are also pieces from 2013 are shown by the Berlin now allowed to see.

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