Download: The People and The Land Of Sind – Historical Perspective By Ahmed Abdullah

The People and The Land Of Sind – Historical Perspective   


The land of Sindh has a hoary past with some of the most striking episodes of history having occurred in its bosom. It has given a slightly different variation of its name to our neighbouring country and to the religious majority of its inhabitants. Both the words India and Hindu are derived from Sindhu, which, in Persian became Hind and Hindu (the letter He substituted for S) and in Greek and Roman, Ind (the letter S of (S)indh having been dropped). The meaning of the word Sindhu is water, referring to the great river. There is an old belief among Muslims that four rivers had sprung from Heaven: Neel (Nile), Furat (Euphrates), Jehoon (Juxartes) and Sehoon (Sindh). – excerpt from the book –

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