Iranian cooking offers dishes rich in aroma, colour and flavour

One cannot visit Iran without noticing the warmth and hospitality of its people. The cultures, traditions and foods with which Iranians mark special occasions are as rich as the country’s history.

When visiting a local Iranian home one is always greeted with a lovely pot of tea served from a samovar. The tea is consumed black with sugar cubes — or rocks of sugar — which are placed in the mouth and gently melt as the hot tea is sipped. Never has tea tasted so good! Dried fruits and nuts are often offered on a silver platter as accompaniments.

Berenj (rice) is the staple of the Iranian diet and is typically eaten with kebab or ash (stew). When strolling down the streets of Tehran, one is usually engulfed with the pleasant aroma of rice flavoured with saffron. A delicacy is the crispy, “burnt” part at the bottom of the rice pot (I remember my sister and I frequently quarrelling for this choice portion!)

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