Institute of Ismaili Studies: Engaging with the Sharia – History and Contemporary Issues

What is Sharia? How has it evolved? Should it play any role in society today? What are the key legal issues across various Muslim contexts?

This thought-provoking two day course begins by exploring the historical evolution of Muslim legal traditions, tracing their development to the varied Sunni, Shia and Kharijite approaches. It goes on to examine contemporary debates about the relevance of Sharia today, through an investigation of reforms of personal law, the concern with human rights and other issues. Finally, it considers recent demands for the wide-ranging application of ‘Islamic law’ as well as the challenges of the Sharia for Muslim communities in the West. The course probes these issues in a reflective context informed by history, and current social and political developments.

Who should attend? AKU-ISMC is non-denominational and welcomes participants of all backgrounds. This course would be especially beneficial for:

  • Solicitors and Barristers or those working fields related to law
  • Others with an academic interest in the development of Islamic legal traditions
  • Journalists, diplomats, civil society and NGO personnel, and other professionals

Course Venue The Course will be held at AKU-ISMC’s premises at 210 Euston Road, London, United Kingdom, NW1 2DA . The Institute’s premises are situated in the heart of London, accessible by many forms of transport and near to a number of educational facilities, including the British Museum, British Library and University of London.

Source: IIS

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