Poetic ‘reflections’ on display

By Ameer H Ahmad

KARACHI: An exhibition of paintings by Fahim Hamid Ali titled “Reflections” opened on Friday at Galleria 919 and would continue until the end of this month.

Ali, a self-taught artist, believes that his art must communicate with the viewers. He works with mixed media and said he is fond of the wash technique that he has used in almost all of his paintings that are on display. A minimum amount of paint mixed with almost 70 percent of solvent is used in this technique to achieve a translucent effect, which is smooth and uniform in style. Contrary to most artists, Ali seldom uses a brush and prefers to paint with his fingers.

His paintings are ethereal near abstracts with some calligraphy or poetry incorporated in each of them. He uses defined strokes and accidental textures in his work and by playing with colour, his pieces are a visual pleasure

He said he paints what he sees through his mind’s eye and that he has not restricted himself to a single subject. Islamic calligraphy and Egyptian and Hindu mythology are his passion, and he frequently incorporates them in his work. In “Muhammad – The Beloved”, a bird can be seen peeking through the canvas. This, the artist said, was not intentional and everyone looks at art in their own unique way. Therefore, what might look like a bird to one viewer, might appear as something completely different to another.

Ali has had the honour of having his original painting on Tipu Sultan being acquired by the National Museum of Pakistan for permanent display at their Freedom Movement Gallery. He has also painted Prince Karim Aga Khan’s first-ever portrait on glass. He has displayed his work in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates.

Source: Daily Times


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