AIF: A Glimpse of Islam in America

Saturday, AIF hosted “A Glimpse of Islam in America”, which was a panel of Muslims representing different facets of Islam in the Atlanta area. Each panelist told a bit about their beliefs and how their beliefs could shape and benefit the communities of which both panelists and participants are a part.

The goals of the panel were:

1. To raise audience awareness (both Muslim and Non-Muslim) of some of the many different expressions of Islam in the United States.
2. To familiarize the audience with some unique characteristics of these expressions of American Islam.
3. To share unique ways these various facets enhance the greater Islamic community as well as the society at large.
4. To demonstrate tolerance, respect, understanding, cooperation and value in the discussion of differences of faith and practice as fellow seekers of God’s Mercy and Grace.
5. To spiritually enrich the panelists and audience in the discussion of faith and help us strengthen our faith/ submission to God and to serve our communities in more compassionate and grace-filled ways.


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