Glass Structure With a Metaphorical Concept of a Tree on The Library Building

Starting from a concept of metaphorical growing trees with twigs and leaves. A building to function as the city library was built. By using a steel structure with a mix of glass, providing light filtering shades that make people who were inside the building was being read under a tree. Consists of 4 floors of the building with the same typical shape for storing books and the basement for a children’s book as well as utilization of the potential noise that defines an underground cave like in a world where imaginations can run free. Everything can be achieved on each floor with elevator and stairs. As a free space of this building also provides a ramp on each floor, as well as for persons with disabilities.

Departure from the traditional concept of libraries as knowledge, architectural approach to this project emphasizes the quality of the experience. This is particularly important in an age in which human senses seem to have numbed by the virtual world. By the architect, Bishan Public Library proves that the library as a physical place is still very much to offer unique experiences and irreplaceable.

Source: Architect Too

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