Baby with the salt water

By Alyssa Jaffer

Close your eyes. Imagine the wondrous point on Earth where the two giants of the world meet: land fades into sea. Listen to the soft whooshing of waves, gently crashing onto the shore. Smell the salt in the heavy air, letting the moisture penetrate your pores. Feel the powdery, damp sand squishing between your toes. Press your feet into the ground as the water overwhelms your footprints and then withdraws, erasing the evidence of your presence. Now, open your eyes and see the vast, boundless edges of the ocean, almost curving at the horizon under a blood-red sun setting in the distance. The beach.

Despite the loud chatter of enthusiastic participants around me, the serene setting of the ocean around me instantly put me at ease. It was the Partnership Walk at Santa Monica Pier, a charity event sponsored by the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims, the Aga Khan, to help eradicate global poverty. This day, October 25th 2009, was special for first times.

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