Indians return to Uganda


A family friend Goswami Debarata, from Calcutta, has been a resident for about ten years and plans to go back in a few years.

Debolina Choudhary had been married only a few weeks when she left Calcutta to join her husband Prashant, who had relocated to Kampala four months earlier. Neither had visited the bustling capital city of Uganda, let alone Africa. Yet, this country, that threw out its entire Asian population not too long before, made sense for their short-term goals.

Asian immigration to Uganda is not a new phenomenon–it dates back more than a century when Indians were brought over to East Africa by the British to work on building railway lines. When the work was done, some remained to fill the vacuum of trade in an agricultural economy and went on to become successful entrepreneurs and eventually big stakeholders in the Ugandan economy.

Eventually, a harsh expulsion order in 1972 by Uganda’s infamous Idi Amin Dada removed this population–estimated between 60,000 and 70,000– in its entirety.

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