The Natural beauty of the heaven

Like other valleys of Gilgit- Baltistan the Gojal valley in Upper Hunza is host to a number of historical monuments found in its villages. Gulmit, the main town, is dotted with wooden mosques, maktabs (religious schools) shrines and forts.

Among the forts and fortresses such as Qalandarchi fort in Misgar, Reshit fort in Chapursan valley, how ever, the Ondra fort is more prominent. This fort is perched on the Ondra hill rock overlooking Gulmit kamaris and Ghulkin villages. This fort is believed to have been built by Qutlugh in the 16th century. He was the first wakhi ruler who established his rule in Gulmit threatening the Mirs of hunza. Before him, Gulmit was under the central of Azur Jamshid (1550-1556) who was the ruler of Gilgit. His sons Su malik and Mir Malik were deputed to collect tax from Gojal Upper Hunza valley. Once on their way back from Yishkook in Chapursan valley where they had gone to collect the tax, they liked the area and decided to live in Gulmit. After the death of Azur Jamshid, Su Malik, who was his elder son, rushed to Gilgit to sit on his father’s throne. He became the new ruler of Gilgit (1556-1578).

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