Berlin displaying masterpieces of Islamic art

TEHRAN — Berlin’s Martin-Gropius Building is playing host to an exhibition displaying masterpieces of Islamic art including rare copies of the Holy Quran.

The Berlin exhibition shows some of the most important works of art from the Islamic world, including pages from the Persian heroic epic “Shahnameh”. The miniatures are among the most remarkable in the world.

The exhibition also includes the oldest known Arabic manuscript of the “Canon of Medicine” by Avicenna (980-1037), the Iranian physician and the most famous and influential of the philosopher-scientists of Islam.

Also included in the exhibit is a double page of the “Blue Quran” from the 9th century. The blue parchment sheets are inscribed with gold letters in the Kufic script and are among the most valuable and elaborate Quran manuscripts in the world.

Running from March to June and featuring selections from the Aga Khan’s invaluable collection, the exhibition is arranged under two main headings. “The Word of God” section concerns Quran manuscripts, illustrated sheets and artifacts that deal with the pilgrimage to Mecca or Islamic mysticism and have served many artists and architects as a source of inspiration. “The Route of the Travelers” section takes the visitor on a journey through the Islamic world.

In general, the artworks on display; the paintings, drawings, book illustrations, manuscripts, inscriptions, metalwork vessels, ceramics, and wood carvings, offer a view into the extraordinary variety and overwhelming richness of the Islamic culture

Source: Tehran Times

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