Aga Khan Foundation:100 MCD school students get English Microscholarships from US

New Delhi, Apr 14 : The US Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer today awarded English Microscholarship certificates to 100 students of an MCD primary school in Nizamuddin Basti providing them future educational opportunities and exchange programmes in the US.

The two-year Access programme is an initiative of the US Embassy in cooperation with the Aga Khan Foundation which has been working in India for over 15 years on improving schools and educational opportunities for poor and marginalised groups.

Mr Roemer awarded certificates to 100 new microscholarship recipients in the English Access Microscholarship Programme.

After presenting the certificates, Mr Roemer said, ”English is the common language that unites the citizens of both India and the US. This programme gives students, who might otherwise not have the opportunity, the chance to acquire basic English language skills that lead to jobs.” It would further strengthen the robust exchange of ideas and people-to-people ties that are the hallmark and catalyst of the two nations’ bold partnership, he added.

In January this year, the Aga Khan Foundation began implementing this programme for 100 students residing in the Nizamuddin Basti. The US Embassy funded the programme and awarded microscholarships which provide a foundation course of English language skills to talented 14 to 18-yr-olds from economically-disadvantaged sectors.

Source: New Kerala

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