Turn your eyes east, as Vancouver observes the Junos

For the West Coast observer, the “right coast” – host of the 2010 Juno Awards – can seem even further than that line drawn straight across the map, 7248 kilometers from one end to another.  The sophisticated Vancouverite knows that he or she really lives in the “best place on earth,” and is prone to forget that beautiful British Columbia is not the center of the earth. 

It is with this in mind that we’ve titled our Junos in St. Johns series “Turn Your Eyes East,” echoing the words of the great Aga Khan when he advised a young traveler on finding “the last great unexplored area.”  True, Khan was referring to Arabia, but the near east is perhaps as great an untapped resource.  Having recently doubled its tourism budget, Newfoundland is ready for travelers to lose and find themselves in its beautiful terrains.  Between the culture, the music and the open-hearted people, it won’t be hard.

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