Unique Design Shape Cube at Everson Museum of Art

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Is a project designed by renowned architect, the building functions as a small museum with limited budgets. With the concept of a unique form of cube design, Everson Museum of Art became one of the focal point of attention when people visit it. Any form of a cube has a volume of inter-related with high ceilings and different. Four cantilevered box rose from 5-foot platform that houses the museum service and other spaces designed for public access after the main gallery was closed.

Design cube is formed by a monolithic concrete structure is poured and mixed with local granite material. The inside of amazing. Besides served with artwork on display, the architect tried to touch with a spiral staircase with a game design and an attractive interior, where materials from reinforced concrete Like a piece of monumental sculpture installed in a plaza, three-story museum was conceived as a focal point of a civic and cultural complex is anticipated.

Source: Architect too

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