Earth Day Celebrations

KADO will implement the following activities as part of the Earth Day Celebrations with the support of Earth Day Networks to show presence and to network with institutions and people around the world.

1 Public Education and Awareness
The most important component is to create realization regarding the intensity and gravity of issues of Earth and Environment to the people in general and youth in particular.

Following programmes will be vital educating people on the desired aspects:

1.1 Earth Day Song in Local Language;
A special video song in local language will be prepared and developed highlighting the environmental issues, remedies and its implications on the future generations. This song will be broadcasted regularly through the local cable channel, which covers almost 70% of the household in the valley. The artists, singers, poets along with the film making crew Devako’ services will be used to capture and to relay the programme cable channel
‘Suju Hunzoo’ services will be availed.

1.2 A Talk Show on a recent Earth phenomenon in Hunza:
A special talk show of experts and local knowledgeable elders will be organized in order to discuss earth issues with Special focus on the Jan 04, 2010 Landslide Disaster in Hunza. This disaster took lives of 19 people, made 143 families homeless, blocked Karakoram Highways and Hunza River and created an atmosphere of uncertainty and helplessness under the natural phenomena. The disaster situation is not over yet and the blockade of Hunza River is forming dam and submerging human settlements in Gojal Tehsil of Hunza when it will be burst it will cause another disaster. The experts on
disaster issues, representatives of the NGOs, historians, members of the displaced persons, Aga Khan Development Network and government representatives will be invited to discuss the breath of the phenomena. The film crew, devkoo and Channel services will
be availed.

1.3 Media Campaign and Earth Day Week:
The earth day week will be celebrated through while broadcasting programmes like interviews on local environmental issues, skits, and documentaries through the local cable channels in local languages, which already developed, and in places and may
new clips taken.

1.4 Formation of Environmental Clubs:
This occasion will be used to form environmental clubs in about 5 schools (public,private and Aga Khan Schools may be Aga Khan Girls Academy), which will be later eplicated after demonstrating its effectiveness in environmental education in others and even in all schools.

2. Plantation
The Hunza valley has barren lands where if made plantation provides alternate income
and fuel sources as well as help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cleans pollution, secures soil in place to prevent erosion, and provides homes for a lot of biodiversity.

Plantation will be started on 3 different places on this occasion with the public message of its impact.

3. Earth Day Fair:
Earth day fair consisting of different activities will be held in a school where students from all surrounding schools will be invited to participate. The sub-activities will include quiz, essay and art competitions and performing different skits about the environment. A rally of school children will be the main part in which they will carry signs with slogans and messages about preserving the nature.

Source: earth Day


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