Ignorance of heart condition, cause of cardiac deaths

LACK of knowledge by many people on the condition of the heart has been described as one of the factors that lead to the increase of cardiac deaths.

Dr Mustaafa Bapumia told the ‘Sunday News’ during a free medical camp dubbed Be Heart Smart conducted by the Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam (AKHD) in the city today that mortality from heart disease was expected to rise to 85,400 from 45,800 in 2030, if there would be no efforts to combat the problem.

Dr Bapumia said that hypertension (high blood pressure) is serious illness that is often referred to as the Silent Killer because many people have it but do not know about it.

“The statistics from the Heart and Stroke Foundation indicates that one in five people suffer from hypertension, and more than one third of them are not even aware of their condition,” said Dr Bapumia.

He said many people were eager to invest in business but forgetting to invest in their health by making regular checkups, which would help in improving their health by treating any health problem in preliminary stages.

The doctor said that since there was no obvious symptoms of high blood pressure, the AKHD urged the community to Be Heart Smart and take the necessary steps towards early detection and prevention of hypertension.

He said the Be Heart Smart camp is conducted twice on April 17 and May, and urged the people to come out to check their heart condition during the second camp, which is to be held on May 8.

He added that attending the free Be Heart Smart camp will allow one to better understand one’s health and enable one to prevent the effects of a particular heart disease.

The Agha Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam (AKHD) is an institution of the Aga Khan Health Services which provides general medical services, specialist clinics and diagnostic services.

The Hospital is not a profit organization committed to delivering services that are accessible to the people.

Source: Daily News

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