Matching gifts program brings in big bucks for Carleton Place Hospital

EMC Business – The Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital (CPDMH) Foundation is thrilled to announce that the Carleton Place Drugmart – IDA and its staff have donated $2,739 to the ongoing needs of the hospital. The gift was made possible through a matching gifts program between the Carleton Place Drugmart and its staff.

“The Carleton Place IDA and its staff have implemented a wonderful program and it shows what a group can achieve when working together,” stated Norma Hamilton, president of the CPDMH Foundation. “We are very pleased with the continued support we have received from both the IDA and its staff over the years, and on behalf of the hospital and the Foundation I would like to thank everyone for their generosity.”

The matching gifts program began in 2003 with a $10,000 commitment to the ‘Help Improve Tomorrow Today!’ campaign. When the group fulfilled its commitment, staff members continued the program, having deductions from their pay directed to the hospital. All funds donated by staff are matched dollar for dollar by the Carleton Place Drugmart. Since the program began, a total of $19,428 has been raised for the hospital.

“We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish on behalf of the hospital and we would like to thank our fantastic employees for making this gift possible,” stated Esmail Merani, and Aziz Dhalla, co-owners of the IDA. “It only takes a couple of dollars per pay from each of us to make our contribution significant. We hope other businesses in the community will see what we have done and decide to introduce a similar program with their employees.”

Dhalla and Merani have co-owned the Carleton Place IDA since 1991 and have other IDA pharmacies located in Richmond and Stittsville. Their partnership began 32 years ago with a pharmacy in North Bay. In January of this year, Aga Khan Foundation Canada formally recognized Dhalla, Merani and staff of the Carleton Place IDA for their outstanding commitment to the World Partnership Walk. The Walk brings together tens of thousands of Canadians in nine cities to help vulnerable communities in Africa and Asia climb out of poverty.

“The Carleton Place Drugmart matching gifts program provides a true example of how small amounts can turn into big gifts over a period of time,” said Chantelle Troy, manager/community relations officer of the CPDMH Foundation. “Like Mr. Merani and Mr. Dhalla, I hope other businesses in the community are inspired by this initiative and decide that a matching gifts program would fit within their organization.”

Source: Carlton Place

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