My Lessons in Life By Azim Premji

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I am an educator by profession, pursuing my further career in teaching and learning. I love to read and, even more, love to share what I read.
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1 Response to My Lessons in Life By Azim Premji

  1. Nadir says:

    I have just discovered your blog incidentally while I was looking for informations about Azmi Premji. Thank you very much to have put on line this very wise, instructive speech of Azim Premji which should be read by every Imaili. I have a blog in french and I will put on line this speech and even translate it.
    I would like also to share with you my web site :
    I have started a jigsaw puzzle company featuring Persian and Indian miniatures. There is also a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle featuring the Rock of Alamut. My aim was to make this artwork better known in Europe. If you want I can send you an introduction I have written about my project.
    Thank you once again,

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