Working Mothers: Effects on Children Upbringing

By Rumaila Rajwani

Women role has significantly changed over the past all over the world. They are now equally educated as men, in fact they are contributing financially in their families. Although this role has exposed women to many challenges but women are motivated to cross these hurdles. This role became most difficult when it comes to motherhood especially with mothers of our society as they are never encouraged to continue their jobs after they had their first baby. They are usually suggested to stay home if they don’t want their children to be ignored, and we women consider it as true and never think beyond. I have seen many cases in my surrounding which make me think that I am a women too and intended to be working in future what will happen to me? This thaught influence me to write about this important issue.

It is a common myth that working mothers harm their children but many studies have proved it wrong as Elizabeth Harvey, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts said “Being employed is not going to harm the children, it entirely depends how mother balance their life”. This paper highlights positive effects that working mothers can have on their children upbringing, secret behind the success of working moms and how Pakistani culture can influence working mother’s role.

There are certain advantages that working mother poses on their children. Firstly, they spent quality time with their children for example: A working mother who spent 2 hours of quality time each day with her child will perhaps create better bond compare to mother who is pampering her child all the time. Secondly, working mothers seems more loving and friendly with their children. One of the study by Hoffman and Lise  Youngblade, a psychologist at the University of Colorado, found that working moms are more affectionate with their children than those who don’t works. Furthermore, working mothers tend to express more verbal expression of love, hugs and kisses to their children.

Third benefit is that fathers get more concerned in child rearing in the absence of mothers that usually does not happen in our cultural context. The outcome is that child gets attention from father and father also realizes his roles and responsibilities towards child. Finally Hoffman and Lise Youngblade researches also suggest that children of working mothers have higher academic achievements, their reading and listening skills are good and they are higher scorers at math and science.

Being a working mom women are occupied with so many tasks like they have to work outside and at the same time they are responsible for all household chores and also responsible for bringing up their kids. Now the question arises that how they are able to balance these all farm duties. Here is the answer that they follow a strict routine to accomplish daily tasks. First and foremost they learn to identify their priorities in life in which they always keep children at top, they also manage their time effectively and give specific time each day to their children and be concerned with  their academic progress that eventually reassure the child that his mother is caring.

One more secret behind victory of working moms is that they keep communication open with their children, spouse and close family members at last they are the one whom she need most whenever desired and children also feel worth for mother. Furthermore they are able to negotiate assertively with their husbands regarding division of domestic workload so that work load can be shared and equal attention by both parents can be given to children. Certainly they also keep time for themselves and share relaxation with their partner at the end of each day which is a must for any healthy family relation.

Last point that I would like to share and appreciate about the cultural benefit that mothers can have in our society is that mothers can avail maximum advantage for their child rearing issues in our culture as majority of our families structure is extended type which I believe is the best opportunity for mothers to keep their children in safe hand of family member like grandparents and it also gives satisfaction and confidence to mothers that their child will be safe in their absence.

In the nut shell, by keeping in mind the constructive child rearing by working mothers, tips they follow to balance their life and the role our culture can play to support working mothers we cannot deny the efforts of working mothers. In today’s world particularly in our economic crisis situation where every family is living hand to mouth and each member of family needs to support financially  why don’t we encourage working mothers to come forward rather suppressing them by labeling for poor parenting of children.

Source: Hunza Times

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