President Ms. Almas Jiwani Honored The “Honorary Life Member” Award

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Canada Honours President, Almas Jiwani, With the “Honorary Life Member” Award.

The Board of Directors of The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Canada recognizes excellence, valour, exceptional hard work and dedication of their current President, Almas Jiwani, by presenting her with the title and “Honorary Lifetime Member” Award of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Canada. 

In 17 years of existence of the UNIFEM Canada, only three members have been honoured with such prestigious recognition. Ms Jiwani is one of them.

Ms. Jiwani has been a dedicated board member of UNIFEM Canada for the past five years and is a true humanitarian. In the short period of time in which she has been leading the team, Ms. Jiwani has accomplished a great deal more than any President in the history of UNIFEM Canada. Ms. Jiwani has diligently restructured the committee and created a team of professional members of Board of Directors and regional chapters across Canada that is stronger than ever, a team that is looking forward to forging partnerships and creating opportunities both here at home and around the globe, under Ms. Jiwani’s guidance and leadership. 

The President of United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Canada’s main task is to lead the volunteer-driven organization in its mission to advocate for gender equality, combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among girls and women, reduce violence towards women and strengthen democratic participation of women in war and in peace. Ms. Jiwani emulates this mission, as she so generously gives of her time and knowledge, aspiring to lead countless underprivileged people into a new and even better tomorrow.

Almas Jiwani has demonstrated her devotion to the organization and her desire to see UNIFEM and UNIFEM Canada accomplish great things in the future. Above all else, Ms. Jiwani has put the needs of the organization first and foremost in her life, particularly during the past 10 months, and for that she deserves the up most recognition. Ms. Jiwani consistently promotes the work of UNIFEM, both Headquarters and UNIFEM Canada, through extensive travelling and speaking engagements, as she works diligently to alleviate poverty and increase the status of women, both at home and in developing countries. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Almas knows what it takes to make an organization a success and for this, her Committee, her members and those who benefit from her work, are exceedingly thankful. Over the years Almas’ volunteer efforts have been recognized through numerous nominations for awards such as the Canadian Governor General’s award for humanitarian work and we are honoured that she has now accepted the Honorary Life Member Award for UNIFEM Canada. To quote Ms. Jiwani, from her interview with the media, following her receipt of the Governor General’s humanitarian award, “I want to be “a drop” in the ocean that helps alleviate poverty around the world”. But Ms. Jiwani is more than a drop in the ocean, she is a “big wave” in the ocean.

Ms Jiwani’s desire to help women find a platform to be heard and to realize their potential and her skill at connecting women with businesses, government and community leaders are the characteristics that set her apart from others and demonstrate her love of, and respect for, humanity. 

Ms Jiwani is a humanitarian who truly embraces and embodies the spirit of voluntarism. She is the voice of many who do not have one.

Source: Market Wire


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