Community Health Action Day: AMREF Virtual Training School Takes Health Care to the Rural Community

Every day, AMREF works in hundreds of communities across Africa to ensure that every African can enjoy the right to good health.  Today, the AMREF Virtual Nursing School (AVNS) will take health care to Ole Kasasi sub-location, Kajiado district. 

Set up in 2007, AVNS has been researching and testing various eLearning methodologies for training health workers in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Today, the Virtual School located in Nairobi is up-skilling over 200 nurses from across Kenya to Registered status in order to improve general standards of nursing care in Kenya and help meet health-related Millennium Development Goals. 

Nurses in Africa are arguably the most important health care workers available in most sub-Saharan nations, as they perform a broad range of tasks and often work in settings where no other health workers, including physicians, are available. Like its sub-Saharan African neighbours, Kenya’s 45 million people face huge health challenges, including HIV, malaria, TB, maternal mortality and child mortality.  Kenya has only 1,512 doctors, 16,178 nurses and 709 public health officers in the public sector, leaving more than a half of health posts unfilled. In most of Kenya’s health facilities, services are provided by enrolled nurses. Needless to say, this shortage of skilled health care workers is a significant barrier to attaining better health for the people of Kenya.    

The eLearning programme has enabled Kenya to up-skill its nurses rapidly as they continue to provide nursing care to their communities. Nurse training requires the acquisition of both theoretical and practical knowledge. The nurses studying at AVNS use eLearning to acquire theoretical skills and can immediately implement their new skills and knowledge at their health facilities across Kenya to the benefit of their communities. Community health is core to the nurses’ training. The Health Action Day will see AVNS nurses; the AMREF community and our friends provide a free health camp to the people of Ole Kasasi.

This day would not have been possible without generous contributions from various organizations including Jubilee Insurance, Europa Healthcare, Wessex Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Specialities, Phillips Pharmaceuticals, and Modupharm.

Source: AMREF

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