Technological development must to regain lost glory

ISLAMABAD, May 1: Religious scholars here on Saturday stressed the need for inter-faith harmony, attainment of modern knowledge and technology to regain Muslim Ummah’s lost glory.

They discussed the causes of Muslims’ downfall and called to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a true sense in order to face the modern challenges.

They were speaking at a Seeratun Nabi conference organised by the local chapter of Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board (ITREB) at the Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai auditorium.

Syed Shafa Jan said the past was lost due to ostentatious lifestyles of Muslim rulers. He also blamed ulema for indulging in unnecessary debates avoiding the thrust for scientific learning, which had once shot the Muslims to the zenith of glory.

Mr Jan also highlighted the importance of economics that had become the leading science of the times and urged the Muslims to pay attention to maximising growth and productivity.

“The road ahead is the use of technology, and to produce goods to attract other nations to purchase them from the Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims who keep on buying consumer goods from others will never be free. If they keep on borrowing from others, they would remain captive to the conditionalities of the lending countries.”

Rai Kamaluddin, Qazi Fazal Elahi and Syed Amir Shah spoke on various facets of the teachings and glorious personality of the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), calling upon the Muslims to fully understand the Islamic faith; piety of the Prophet and Islam’s generous treatment to women. “A nation cannot prosper by excluding half of its population from its social reform agenda,” said Qazi Fazal Elahi.

International Islamic University Rector Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik, who was the chief guest, lauded the role of the Ismaili community in the development of the country.

“The Ismaili community may think of themselves as one of the many schools of religious thought but they, along with others, belong to the mainstream of the Islamic faith.” This Seerat meeting is an eloquent testimony to it, he said.

He said people of Pakistan loved His Highness the Aga Khan III for his contribution to the cause of Pakistan and his role in the formation of Muslim League to win a space for the party in the politics of the subcontinent.

Ismaili community was also in the vanguard for the struggle for the creation of Pakistan. “Your community has taken strides in development and progress of this country,” he said.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Population Welfare Saleem Khan was also present.

Gul Baig in his address of welcome referred to His Highness Prime Karim Khan’s vision of Islam that, he said, could resolve many intricate problems of the world. ITREB President Alauddin Ahmad also spoke on the occasion.

Source: Dawn

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