ACCA June 2010: Exam Tips By Bpp

Many students every year enrolled in ACCA exams and as it always happen students keep searching the Tips and tricks of attaining the ACCA papers.

In this regard The Ismaili News have searched and find the related tips published by the BPP Pakistan.

These tips are for the following papers of ACCA Exams – June 2010:
ACCA- F4       ACCA- P1
ACCA- F5       ACCA- P2
ACCA- F6       ACCA- P3
ACCA- F7       ACCA- P4
ACCA- F8       ACCA- P5
ACCA- F9       ACCA- P6 & ACCA- P7

These tips are available for download in Pdf formate. For download the file click the ink below.

pdf_icon Download

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13 Responses to ACCA June 2010: Exam Tips By Bpp

  1. Amos Chipezeyani says:

    Please keep me updated and assisted with F7 (Int) materials.

  2. fatime says:

    its not downloadable. the pdf is currupt!

  3. The file is in good condition and its working fine. we recommend, Kindly use Adobe Acrobat 7 or earlier. It will open it as well.

    For your convenience we emailing you the said pdf file.



  4. petrina mpopwe says:

    good morning.
    kindly e-mail me the pdf for the june 2010 exam failing to download it.thank you.

  5. mercy says:

    will you please sent to me a pdf file for exams tips of f7

  6. Shakeel Anjum says:

    Dear, plz send me exam tips for P3, P5 & P7
    i shell be thankfull to you for this kind favour

  7. rosemary mcmahon says:

    I have A friend who is taking Company law ACCA in June 10 in 2 weeks time. What is the latest Comapnies Act she should be studying on as I have an updated Comapnies Act 2006 which states the articles of association supersedes the memo of association as the single document of the company constitution Also what study text should she be using and answering exam questions for the exam. Finally is the exam looking at the law of 6 months old.Please advise as soon as you can as she is away Thurs and I would like to help

  8. Enoch says:

    I can’t download the exams tips file. My Adobe Acrobat is 6.0

  9. Enoch says:

    Please send me the exam tips for papers P1& P2 through my mail. Kindly use a file which I can open with adobe Acrobat 6.0 version.

  10. Mohamed says:

    brother the link doesnt work. Can you please send me the pdf via email. Thanks a lot for the great help.

  11. Demessie Hailemariam says:

    please send F8 JUNE 2010 EXAM

  12. elitevillain says:

    Hope to see ACCA December 2010 Exam Tips soon. Tips should always be used as a checklist not as a guide for revision for the coming exam!

    TARC ACCA blogger

  13. LOVEMORE says:

    Please e-mail me the DECEMBER 2010 F7, F8 AND F4 ACCA examination tips

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