IIS: GPISH and STEP Students Visit Historical Sites in Spain

Students from the Class of 2011 of the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) and the Class of 2011 of the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) recently embarked upon an educational trip to southern Spain. This annual trip allows students to experience at first hand the historical roots of Islam in Europe.

The students were accompanied on this trip by Dr Elizabeth Lambourn, GPISH Lecturer, and Dr Farouk Mitha, STEP Course Director. The group began their journey in Granada and took part in a walking tour of the historic district of Albaycin, located on a hill opposite the Alhambra. Since 1994, both areas have been designated world heritage sites. The Albaycin is a spectacular example of Moorish vernacular architecture, combined with traditional Andalusian construction techniques. The area is famous for the remains of medieval houses, mosques and baths. The students visited many historical sites such as the Mirador San Nicolas, the Church of Santa Ana, and the newly restored Caravanserai as well as the Islamic Cultural Centre.

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