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Guest Entry: Meena Nanji – I’m Going to Siberia

Meena has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. She has extensive experience in the energy industry, including project engineering, joint ventures, project development and process design, across both upstream and downstream operations. She is very excited to take the Ivey case method of teaching to Siberia this May, where she will be a LEADER instructor to undergraduate business students in Irkutsk, Russia. In her free time, Meena enjoys freelance makeup artistry, travel blogging, and Ivey Women’s Rugby.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be going to Siberia. That sounds as far fetched as saying that I will be taking a nice little vacation to Timbuktu! But it is now a reality, and I am in semi-shock knowing that I will really be able to see a place that I thought I could only visit through books about eternal exile to frozen tundra and prison camps!

Why am I going to Siberia, you may ask? I am participating in a student run overseas economic development program that was founded in 1991 by MBA students at Ivey called LEADER. LEADER stands for “Leading Education and Development in Eastern Europe and Russia” and its mandate is to teach modern business skills to students and entrepreneurs in the newly developing economies of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Each year, a group of Ivey students go to a number of sites to teach foundational business decision making and entrepreneurial skills through the case method of teaching prevalent at Ivey.

Source: IVEY MBA Student

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