Campus Media new schools founded in Nairobi in early 2011

The Aga Khan Development Network has a new faculty at Aga Khan University School of Media and Communications launched into life.

To the new Faculty of Arts and Sciences to be associated, the school plans for new media was supported by the Aga Khan at the 2010 Pan African Conference Media, from March 17 to 18,rip dvd to zune with celebrations for the 50th Anniversary was held coinciding announced, Nation Media Group.

The new initiative is on the experience of the United Nations and the unique benefits of the network in the region and the world, including knowledge, institutions and resources in the social, economic and cultural.

As Chairman of the Aga Khan University Firoz Rasul, schools struggle to attract a vibrant community mental, enriched by a core group of media professionals and scientists with different backgrounds and experiences, and through visits to the facilities and the exchange of professors anchored part.

There will be also on rural communities and disadvantaged groups benefit, according Ladhani Nazeer, director of the school.

The school will this goal by providing a platform for the institutional strengthening of the media more sustainable ecosystem in East Africa and spread it further, to reach the developing world, told the East African.
Curriculum planning and facilities has begun, and was built in the next year of the original group in Nairobi, said.

The school to develop partnerships with NMG with other media in Africa and implement programs and training that meets the diverse needs of the industry.

The official start of the school in 2011, although some pre-opening and development of African initiatives and faculty development of educational content and events of the Global Forum for African Media and Society organizes begin this year.

A special website launched soon, the progress of the development and profile of the schools of the upcoming events and activities will be title,  said Ladhani.

AKDN has long recognized the role that diverse sector, independent media and social responsibility can play in promoting development, pluralism, and the government results.

Source: Moumos

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