Learning Center for Parents and Children (LCPC)

Learning Center for Parents and Children (LCPC) is a nonprofit organization which targets the pre-school program for Ismaili Muslim children in Dallas at their social and spiritual center, known as a “Jamatkhana”. Their program emphasizes an essential that public schools have tried to inspire for decades i.e. parental involvement.

This is the secret sauce,” said Gulzar Babool during his interview with Dallas News, the national program director for the Ismaili LCPC. “It is what makes it successful.” The program at (LCPC) emphasizes early literacy and school readiness and “empowers mothers to assimilate in this community,” Babool added during his interview.

I have been volunteering my time and expertise to help the community since last four years. The team is very organized and it would be safe to say that LCPC is the one of the best team I have worked this year. I believe that the schooling system of LCPC is one of the best schooling system in the world as children spend their time with their parents along with preparing themselves for further challenges they will face in grade school . Interestingly, all the staffs including teachers and members are volunteers.

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  1. Amyna Ahmed says:

    First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you on this commendable service that you’re offering to the children and their parents. I am from Toronto, Canada and wondering if LCPC service is avilable here. If yes then kindly provide the details.

    Thank you

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