Aga Khan Hospital gets modern lab equipment

THE Agha Khan Hospital has acquired state-of-the art laboratory equipment for conducting specialized testing that will save time and money spent for sending samples abroad.

A Roche e411 worth 200m/- is a full automated immuno analyzer equipment which will help conduct testing such as cardiac markers, tumor markers, hepatitis B serological markers and therapeutic drug levels.

The Agha Khan Chief Executive Officer Mr Sulaiman Shahabuddin said the equipment would help strengthen health services, saying patients will receive results within a short time contrary to the past when they had to wait for two or more weeks.

”Given the capability of this equipment, sending high tech lab tests to external facilities will no longer happen. Overall we are confident this is a beneficial investment in laboratory services in Tanzania,” said Mr Shahabuddin.

The Agha Khan Medical Director Dr Jaffer Dharsee said the equipment was reliable and fast, saying the machine is capable of processing 30 samples in a few minutes while the old one took one day .

The Registrar, Private Health Laboratories Board Ms Zaynab Mfaume hailed the hospital, saying the lab machine will help improve health services.

The Roche Diagnostic Vice President Mr Knut Seifert said that his company would offer the hospital maintenance services and training on how to use the equipment.

Source: Daily News

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