Sustainable Tourism: The Real Thing

I’m in a flyblown Central Asian mountainside café, looking at the flourishing beehives on the incline opposite and listening to the furious roar of the ice-fed river swirling and gushing outside.

Neatly lined up on the café’s glass shelves are thin plastic secondhand 2 litre water bottles full of an amber liquid and on sale for 50 Somoni ($11) a go. What’s in the bottles? Honey apparently. Each bent and buckled bottle holds 2kg of honey from those bees opposite. Pure authentic honey 100% sustainably sourced, packaged and delivered.
That’s the thing about Tajikistan: In this poorest of the ex Soviet republics, sustainability is not a mantra of the middle classes – it’s a financial, cultural and social imperative.

If you or your clients want eco-luxury tell them to go to Switzerland or the Maldives. If they’re prepared to pay with money, pain, bruises and sleepless nights for heartbreaking beauty and true authenticity then Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains are for them.

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