Navroz Surani is an accomplished, influential and recognized Human Resource professional in Pakistan. He has the ability to provide substantial support to the implementation of organizational strategy and the accomplishment of its objectives. He strongly focuses on building partnerships with functional departments. He is a problem solver, a team player, an effective communicator and extremely quality focused.His academic background comprises of Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from University of Karachi. He completed his diploma in ‘Personnel Administration’ from University of Connecticut U.S. and obtained another Masters degree in ‘Industrial Relations’ from Queen’s University, Canada.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the young HR professionals and accomplishes this by giving lectures, presentations in universities/colleges and participating in seminars and conferences.

Navroz Surani joined Aga Khan University in the year 1982 and is heading the Human Resource Division in the capacity of the HR Director since 1993. He is a member of the senior management team and is responsible for providing overall leadership and contributing to formulation of policy for effective HR management in strategic areas of; Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Organizational Development, Quality Improvement and Training.

Source: PSHRM

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