Desensitization used to treat allergies

A non-conventional treatment is being praised by some food allergy sufferers.

Before his desensitization treatment, food and certain chemicals made Nathan Towle miserable.

“He had no impulse control. He couldn’t control his behaviour with other kids. He wasn’t accepted into a day home and nobody would babysit him,” says Caroljoy Towle, the eight-year-old’s mother. After Nathan’s treatment, administered by a naturopath, he can now eat all types of foods.

Dr. Rabia Meghji is a naturopath who uses a desensitization technique called NAET.

The technique involves putting the allergens in a vial and then placing it near the patient in an attempt to desensitize them to their allergy.

“We’re doing organophosphates and we’re noticing his arm is not able to hold so he is allergic to this vial,” says Dr. Meghji who is still treating Nathan.

While Nathan still has a few allergies to clear, his mother says he can now eat all types of foods.

Dr. Meghji says the homeopathy, combined with acupressure, seems to reprogram the brain and get rid of the allergy. “I’m still skeptical…but what I can tell you is it works.”

The minimum treatment recommended costs about $600 and take about 14 half-hour sessions.

Source: Calgary CTV

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