FOCUS Humanitarian: Opening Of The New School In Savnob

On November 25 in Jamoat Savnob, deep in the valley of the Bartang river, a tributary to the Panj in GBAO, there was a very important event: the opening of the new school. The Savnob School has been rehabilitated as part of a project entitled “Reducing Poverty in High Mountain Environments Around Lake Sarez”.  Local hazards, such as avalanches, rockfalls and landslides, damage and /or destroy local infrastructure and increase the socio-economic vulnerability of local communities.

Thus, the overall objective of the JSDF Project is to increase the income-generating capacity of communities in a manner which simultaneously safeguards them from local natural hazards and contributes to their to long term socio-economic development.|…|

The JSDF grant is managed by the World Bank. FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, an organization affiliated to the Aga Khan Development Network, is responsible for implementation of the project in the field. The successful implementation of the JSDF grant would serve to test low-cost and local resources-based options for the sustainable development of mountain areas and provide valuable lessons for replication within other areas of Tajikistan and the Central Asia region.

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