New chapter in Canadian Ismaili story set to unfold in the Don Mills neighbourhood of Toronto

The Toronto neighbourhood of Don Mills is one of the city’s most diverse neighbourhoods — indeed, it is counted among the most diverse in Canada.

“This is a very unique place,” says Mohamed Dhanani. “It’s incredible to see families and communities from so many parts of the world come together here.” People from a range of ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds call the neighbourhood home. A microcosm of Toronto and Canada’s multiculturalism, it is a place where dozens of languages are spoken, and people from all walks of life live and work together.

Access to affordable housing, the close proximity to the Don Valley Parkway (the major north-south highway that snakes its way through the middle of the city) and the cultural ties that new migrants find in the neighbourhood, make the area a sort of “gateway for new Canadians,” explains Dhanani, a Toronto resident since the late 1980s.

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