The Aga Khan museum – Pride of My Ward

May 28 marked an important milestone in an exciting project in Ward 26 that will create a new landmark in Toronto of international significance.

On that day the Prime Minister of Canada joined the Aga Khan and several hundred invited guests at the Foundation Ceremony marking the start of construction work on the $300 million Aga Khan Centre at the corner of Eglinton and the Don Valley Parkway.

The project features three significant components: The Aga Khan museum, the Ismaili Centre, and a large, beautiful, park and garden for public use and enjoyment. The site could not be more prominent: The hillside site clearly visible from miles to the south and west of one of the busiest intersections in Toronto.

The Ismaili Centre will be a gathering place for spiritual and intellectual discourse. The museum will gather, preserve, and display art and artefacts of Muslim civilization and heritage. Together they will advance the Ismailis’ moderate outlook and respect for the search for knowledge and beauty.

The Prime Minister put it clearly: “Canada is honoured to have been chosen as the site for these important institutions. They will serve to promote pluralism, peace, and tolerance through greater understanding of Islam.”

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