Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award 2010 Recipient – Hana Dhanji

Hana Dhanji
Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award 2010 recipient

Victoria College student Hana Dhanji has combined her three areas of academic interest with efforts to reach out to the community around her. Complementing her international relations major, she has held executive positions on the Hart House social justice committee and spent two years as a G8 Research Group analyst as well as a year on the editorial board of The Attaché. To supplement her health studies major, Hana has done a research assistantship in HIV/AIDS law, a fellowship in epidemiology at St. Michael’s Hospital and volunteered at the Hospital for Sick Children. In the area of psychology, she teaches English to children with learning disabilities and tutors underprivileged youth.

Source: http://awards.alumni.utoronto.ca/viewer/view/618

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