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Dear Readers

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope that we provide more usefull services in future.

We our upgrading our blog to a new  Theme ( inspired by the Art and Craft culture) with some usefull widgets and also introducing new Blog which is in under process of publishing. 

For past few days we wont updating our blog, for which we apologise to our readers and visitors.

The Ismaili News will be ON AIR from July 3, 2010 with alots of new features for our teachers, educators, students and offcourse news from AKDN world.

Thanks and Regards

Ahmad Ladhani

Team Mates:

  • Farkhunda Nasim
  • Shahida bano
  • Hussain Merchant
  • Tehmina Durani
  • Aaliya ajani

About Ahmad Amirali

I am an educator by profession, pursuing my further career in teaching and learning. I love to read and, even more, love to share what I read.
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4 Responses to Message by The Ismaili News

  1. Dear Brother Ahmad,
    Congratulation for the new design of ‘The Ismaili News’.
    We wish you plenty of success in your noble task. May the Almighty Allah shower Barakah and Blessings to you and your Team as well as the lovely designed Blog.
    One again Lots of Mubaraki and warmest regards.
    Paderborner ‘sj’, Germany

    PS: In future we wish and hope to see more and good Blogs in our community, Inshaallah.

  2. Benafsha Habibi says:

    Thank you so much for providing valuable information for us……… 🙂

  3. Dear all

    Thank you for your all kind wishes and thoughts and we try to provide more usefull information to our jamat around the globe

    remember us in your prayers

    Ahmad Ladhani

  4. Benafsha Habibi says:

    Yes, really nice and beautiful design you have made for “The Ismaili News”, wish you with all your team which are providing such valuable and new information for the jamahat success, happiness and comfortable life now and in the future.

    Keep it up!

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