Ismaili Community Ensemble features in London music festival that pays tribute to Ismaili Centre 25th anniversary

Exhibition Road Music Day, an annual festival of live, international music concerts and workshops in London, renewed itself on 20 June with participation from the Ismaili Community Ensemble. This year’s festival also paid tribute to the Ismaili Centre, London, which is marking its 25th anniversary and has been part of London’s celebration of Music Day since the festival’s inception.

Celebrating the diversity of international culture in the area, a range of indoor and outdoor stages were used to host over 100 performances and workshops featuring a variety of genres from urban, folk and rock melodies to classical, jazz, opera and world music.

The Ismaili Community Ensemble, which has featured prominently in the festival since 2008, performed a 45 minute repertoire titled Expressions of Devotion that sought to convey the notion of one faith expressed across many cultures. This is reflective of the Ismaili community, which practices a single faith that is articulated through different traditions and cultures in countries around the world.

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