Change of The Blog Name

Dear readers/visitors

Greetings from our Team

Due to some official issues we have changed our blog name from The Ismaili News to Informatics. As the term Ismaili should not be used other then the offical Imamat institutions.

This blog or any of the member of this blog is not  associated with any of the Aga Khan Institutions or it does not  represent, nor operate on behalf of Hazar Imam [His Highness the Aga Khan], the Ismaili Tariqah [faith], the jamat (community), any Council or any other Ismaili institution.

Further we continue our usual blogging for our readers and visitors.


Ahmad Ladhani


About Ahmad Amirali

I am an educator by profession, pursuing my career further in the field of teaching and learning. I love to read and even more, love to share of what I read.
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3 Responses to Change of The Blog Name

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    Great work Ahmed… May Mowla Bless You…Ameen!

  2. Benafsha Habibi says:

    Dear Ahmad Ladhani and your team,

    I think all of you did a great job by changing the name of this blog cause always we are receiving different information from this blog not only about Hazar Imam [His Highness the Aga Khan], accordingly you put a very nice name (Informatics) for this blog.

    Best of luck!

  3. Dear Benafsha

    Thankyou for appreciation and we hope that our readers and visitors like you help us making this blog more usefull to our jamat around the world.

    Being an ismaili its our responsibilty to act responsibily and obey rules and regulations prescribed by our councils and institutions.


    Ahmad Ladhani

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