Avoid dehydration by making 6–8 glasses of fluid a regular part of your day

It’s that time of year when the warm summer weather draws many families outdoors to enjoy healthy activities like a walk in the park, an afternoon at the beach or a hike through the wilderness. But unless we are careful, the heat can also lead to dehydration — a depletion of our body fluids.

Water makes up approximately two thirds of an adult’s body weight, and is important to the body’s core functions, such as regulating its temperature and lubricating joints. But our bodies naturally lose water everyday — for example when we perspire while exercising or due to the heat. Therefore, it is important to maintain fluid balance and avoid dehydration by regularly replenishing our bodies with liquid.

This is particularly important for infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly, as they are most vulnerable to dehydration.

Also, when we are ill and experience fevers and diarrhoea, our bodies lose excessive amounts of fluid and electrolytes. It is important to replenish those fluids with electrolyte solutions, some of which are described below.

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