AKU responds to devastating floods in Pakistan

Focusing on its strengths in medical care and community health, AKU is dispatching several volunteer teams of doctors and nurses to flood-affected areas across Pakistan, to help address the health care issues being faced by people displaced by the disaster. The University’s employees have also contributed a day’s salary, funds which will be used to arrange medical supplies for the affectees.

Two teams of volunteers are already in the field. One is supporting an AKU camp providing mother and child services in Naushero Feroz in Sindh and the other is working in Bilal Colony in Karachi. Four more teams will be operational by Monday, one in Karachi and the others in Hyderabad, Matiari and Larkana.

Over the next few weeks, up to 50 multidisciplinary teams will be deployed in priority areas identified by the UN and provincial agencies in Sindh, the Balochistan border area, southern Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan. The final deployment will be around 100 teams.

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