Entrepreneurial women transform home-cooked meals into a source of income

Every Thursday and Friday, Shamim Lakhani’s cooking is sold — together with dishes prepared by other Ismaili women — to busy members of the Dubai Jamat who are eager for home cooked traditional food. Her cooking provides her with a strong sense of fulfilment as well as being a consistent source of income for her family.

The Jamat in Dubai includes a disproportionate number of bachelors and young families, who, with all the pressures of work and modern life, find it difficult to prepare traditional home cooked meals. Meanwhile, many older women in the Jamat possess exceptional cooking skills and an enterprising spirit. The opportunity to come together was obvious, and led to the creation of a Golden Alliance.

Recognising cookery as a valuable skill, the Golden Alliance brings together entrepreneurs and volunteers to provide its members a “platform to earn with dignity.” While supplementing their own income, its women participants also have an opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of the wider Jamat.

Lakhani, who has also tried other work-from-home opportunities like stitching, enjoys the consistency of Golden Alliance orders and the fact that she doesn’t have to seek them out. The possibility of cooking and earning an income at home appeals to her and her fellow suppliers.

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