EU to offer Pakistani students more scholarships

The European Union (EU) will offer more scholarships to Pakistani students in different fields of study.

“Erasmus Mundus Scholarships will promote EU as a centre of excellence in learning around the world, especially in Pakistan,” said Jan De Kok, Ambassador of EU to Pakistan on Tuesday.

He was addressing a departure ceremony at Faculty of Shariah & Law of International Islamic University (IIU) arranged for the faculty and students of the university, who were selected in last year’s Erasmus Mundus scholarships’ programme.

The ambassador congratulated the scholars selected for the award and said that these scholarships were completely funded by the EU and offered education in prestigious universities across Europe.

“Universities selected for this programme are very important,” he said hoping that Pakistani students will work hard and seek good reputation for their country.

“I love Pakistan and Pakistani people,” he said, adding, “Pakistan is very important for the EU and we will help Pakistani institutions, working for developing the country.”

Ambassador Kok also told the participants that European countries were providing help to the flood victims in Pakistan.

He emphasized the fact that there were many misconceptions in Pakistan about European countries and there were many misconceptions among Europeans about Pakistan and Muslims, which these scholarships, he hoped, will help alleviate.

Meanwhile, Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq of IIU told The Express Tribune that 27 IIU students and faculty members have been given scholarships for higher studies in different European Universities.

Erasmus Mundus is an international scholarship programme funded by the EU. One of the programme objectives is to attract high-quality scholars from all over the world and promote a European way of higher education

via The Express Tribune

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