IIS scholars participate in World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies

Several IIS scholars took part in the third World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), held in Barcelona from 19 to 24 July, 2010. This year’s Congress was hosted by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. IIS publications were also on display at the book fair accompanying the conference.

A number of IIS scholars contributed papers to the panel organised by Dr Jalal Badakhchani on The Age of Alamut: New Developments in the Study of Ismaili History. The Alamut period is one of the most interesting periods of Ismaili history, previously shrouded in myths and legends. The panel outlined new primary sources on Ismaili history, theology and philosophy which have recently come to light in various private collections. They also discussed new archaeological evidence, gathered as a result of the ongoing excavations of the fortress of Alamut.

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