Primary teacher education programmes cater religious education to the many ways in which children learn

Sonia Dhanani, a fourth-grade religious education teacher in Long Island, smiles as one of her students starts debating another, who is dressed in a tiger costume.

They are enacting an adaptation of the Case of the Animals versus Man from the Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa — narrated in the Primary Four Ta‘lim curriculum materials — and some of the students are getting a little too passionate about their roles. As Dhanani reads aloud the story about a struggle between the humans and the animals, the students take on different roles using the animal masks that they have made in class.

Once the excitement of the play is over, Dhanani settles the children into a circle where they discuss what they learnt.

One girl says that the story reminds her of another that they read the previous week about Kalila and Dimna. In that fable, based on a Persian translation of the Indian Panchatantra, two beasts learn about right and wrong, and how humans have the ability to choose between them because they have the gift of intellect.

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