Intel introduces first configurable Atom-based processor

Intel’s range of ultra-low-voltage Atom processors have certainly staked their territory in a wide range of netbooks and tablets. In a move designed to make it easier for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate Atom processors into a wider range of devices, Intel has announced its configurable Atom E600C series. With differentiated, custom-made processors, Intel says OEM’s will be able to handle design changes and get their products to market quicker, without the need for complicated hardware changes.

The configurable Atom E600C series features an E600 processor (formerly codenamed “Tunnel Creek”) paired with an Altera Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in a single package. It will allow OEMs to incorporate a wide range of standard and user-defined I/O interfaces, high-speed connectivity, memory interfaces and process acceleration.

The series also comes in industrial and commercial temperature options, which Intel says makes it ideal for industrial machines, portable medical equipment, communications gear, vision systems, VoIP devices, high-performance programmable logic controllers and embedded computers. Looks like we could be seeing “Intel Atom inside” stickers on a lot more devices in the near future.

Formerly codenamed “Stellarton,” the Intel Atom processors E665CT, E645CT, E665C, and E645C are scheduled to be available within 60 days. The E625CT and E625C are on track to be available in the first quarter of 2011. Prices range from US$61 to $106 in quantities of 1,000.

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